Gin Of The Month

Our specials are made with our ‘Gin of the month’. This month we are featuring Xoriguer Mahon Gin.

Xoriguer is today – as always – the result of meticulous manual distillation in wood-fuelled copper stills, using the best wine alcohol (rather than the more commonly used grain alcohol) and fresh juniper berries. A number of other aromatics are added to create the gin’s bouquet, but these remain a closely-guarded secret.

In our mind there is only one way to serve Xoriguer, as a Pomada. A traditional cocktail for fiesta time made with Xoriguer Gin and Kas Limon. Sadly, Kas Limon is nigh on impossible to get over here so we have used Fanta lemon which is about as close as you will get to the traditional serve.


Pomada (glass) – £7

Xoriguer Gin topped with Fanta Lemon

Pomada (jug for 4) – £22

Xoriguer Gin topped with Fanta Lemon in a big jug for you and your friends to share.